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ABB Ekip COM Profinet

Product name:
ABB Ekip COM Profinet

Order number:

Profinet communication module for ABB Circuit Breakers

Product types:
other PROFINET Device

Technology & Profiles:

Certification number:

ABB SpA - SACE Division

Via Baioni, 35
24123 Bergamo (BG)

Marco Stucchi & Massimo Pozzi
Tel +39 035 395111

Product description:

Ekip Com Profinet is a communication accessory module that integrates the circuit-breaker in an industrial remote supervision and control network.It can be connected to an Ethernet network with a Profinet communication protocol, and allows you to:

• Connect the releases to the network, with dialog functionality.

• Command opening and closing of the circuit-breaker remotely.

• Provide information on the state of the circuit-breaker (open, closed, tripped).

• If connected to a circuit-breaker in withdrawable version, detect the connected/extracted.

 IMPORTANT: the modules can be connected only to networks that meet all the necessary requirements for safety and prevention of unauthorised access (for example, the control system network of an installation). It is responsibility of the installer to make sure that all the necessary security measures are adopted (e.g. a firewall). Connection is recommended only to dedicated Ethernet networks, with the Profinet communication protocol. The module cannot be connected to the Internet.

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